Interest Rate Trends

Interest rates have pretty much doubled since last year and are currently stagnant with little to no movement.

Rest assured creative loans will resurface to make house payments more affordable. These will likely include ARMs, adjustable-rate mortgages that offer a discount for the first few years to help people qualify, 40 year mortgages and even interest only loans. (Just like the good old days of the early 2000's)

The Federal Reserve Bank tries to keep a balance between stimulating the economy by lowering interest rates and curbing inflation by raising interest rates. This year the Federal Reserve Bank, where the US gets its currency, has doubled interest rates to slow the rapid inflation brought on by government borrowing. Most people have experienced a 15%+ increase in prices of housing, fuel, food and tangible goods over the past 12 months.

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This is just my opinion.  We'll look back next year to see if I was correct.

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